Cultural Consultant/Creative Practitioner/

Sound & Film/Heritage/Urban Regeneration/Community Activism/
Site Specific Art/Festivals/Youth Voice/Digital Culture

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Olivia Bellas has fifteen years experience in the arts, culture and heritage industry. The work she creates is driven by a sense of place, discovery, the everyday. Above all, it is her belief that a spread of voices on the creative landscape will keep us all sane.

Her work history started in magazine publishing at Wallpaper and InStyle – design and fashion sent her off travelling to the Americas where she discovered the adrenalin of film production. Returning to London, she spent her time as a producer in Soho facilities and independent distributors. She set up and directed the Canary Wharf Film Festival, got the entrepreneurial bug and decided to go freelance and develop herself within the arts. She set up a cultural consultancy for her strategic work and production company as a creative outlet; ScreenDeep. She advises organisations on cultural and development strategy including Alpha-ville and Sound Connections. She curates events having recently worked with Open City Documentary Festival highlighting the intersection between the urban, games, theatre. She produces site specific sound walks using oral histories, recently commissioned by Urban Space Management for Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust and is creating a sound artwork for UCLH as it transitions to it’s new location.

Londoner who loves the city, food, podcasts, should practice her European languages more and hopes her kids will sail a boat one day.

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OliviaBellas CV_for blog

If you’d like to email, you can use my first name and surname together – no dots or dashes – then add @gmail.com

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