Audio and Dance fuse together


Or do they? Since starting to make audio guides it’s been interesting to see how they translate with other artforms. Dance has felt so obvious for so long and the opportunities to test this were always scuppered. But now it feels right to develop how this might work a year after the soundscape was created – a much needed step back from that part and a chance to leap into movement of another kind.

Wanstead Park is one of the lungs of London and a tucked away beauty. The sound walk for this was a learning curve in terms of using only oral histories and me taking control of the sound design. The learning goes on as I’ve been working with choreographer Hannah Anderson Ricketts whilst she’s at the R&D stage of her own development of The Movement Alphabet.

This is a new choreographic methodology – researching aspects from the alphabet from British Sign Language, Laban Movement Analysis and influences from a broad range of dance styles have culminated in this systemised framework and forms the backbone of the dance highlighted at a one off performance in Wanstead Park.

Come and join us on Sunday 10th July 2016 at Wanstead Park – meeting at the tube station. Together, we’ll be walking, listening and seeing dancers interpret the landscape. Your feedback is valuable.



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