Ideas Factory

IMG_1904January has been about churning out ideas. Non. Stop. Flow.

Working the brain – looking around you for inspiration, talking to your network for contributions, piecing the jigsaw puzzle together to make it so. This time of year is always R&D phase for me and the perfect step away from making – a zoom out, as if you were shot in the stomach by a cartoon football strike, propelled back, slo mo style.

My own practice is taking centre-stage and I’m able to hone those ideas that have long been nested over. And this time, definitely made a concerted effort to push the ideas forward with collaborators. Whom I respect. And this is the difference that has made me progress so much in a month.

And then there’s the clients I work with – whose ideas I get to develop along with them. This manifests itself as fundraising/bid writing and exec producing – and to keep at arms length from the delivery part is bloody great. I get the chance to satisfy the planning and interpreting of ideas into a project that gets realised by those talented lot. And I’ll check back in when it’s done to support assessing and evaluating how it went.

Ideas Factory – may it never end.

Thanks Jessie, Nicole, Adam, Uchenna Dance B&D CMS for Jan 2016.

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