Being 18

These past 6 months have been a stumbling into my 18 year old self. That period in time when there was so much possibility and it felt easy. Whereas now it often feels overwhelming. Us humans can be silly eh.

There was the visit back to Liverpool – last there in 2000 for my university graduation. Unchanged. Recognisable. Comforting. So much drinking and partying and a chance to do that without paying any fees. I was one of the last.

Then there was the warm re-uniting with my good friend, walking in hyde park with our kids. The days of working in the Gap stock room, more boozing. But also, we lost touch for no reason. How do we do that? How do people we love just slowly and quietly slip away? Caught that one in the nick of time.

And then France. I found it so easy to speak and it was like my ticket out of streatham and into traveling the world. But we had an argument and then the affair was over. It now looks like I want to check it’s pulse again – eurostaring it all the way in spring to south of France where I spent a year. And Paris at 18. Fearless. Steph and I have stories and so we re-visited last month. It was great to see ourselves as teenagers again, walking those streets – scared and scarey.

Thank you to myself for giving things a go. Much more of that to come.


COP 21 – Marching for Climate Change – Paris Nov 30th 2015

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