City Walking

IMG_1152I’ve walked alot in the last couple of months, mainly in sandals and this has resulted in serious ‘crust foot’. To have super soft skin on your feet after the age of 30 is very hard to maintain naturally. I’ve had some beautiful walks alone and with others. And then I didn’t want to think about them too much because I knew they would be super re-enjoyable when I thought about them again in a different way, a few years ahead. Here are some memorable walks, just like that;

Brasilia – Walking walking walking and seeing the destination but the perspective was deceptive. It’s a flat place and you can see the landmarks you need to head to but they will be 2 hours walk rather than 15 mins. And everyone drives so you will be beeped off the pavement and you’re alone? Even weirder. Be off with you.

Paris – 18 years old and newly arrived in Paris with mate Steph. No plans, no idea, no money but excited. So we’d go out at night to feel the vibes and dress up like guys and walk like guys and what exactly was that about? We looked like very short hoodied humans. Marking our territory and thinking that we were untouchable when we would have been more feared being who we were/are.

Hvar – Walking the nudist island. Walking in turns in fact with my best friend and reporting back. I think back then we may have said our motivations were sexual but it seems that the real reason was to walk with no clothes on in the sun and just feel that wonder.

Thamesmead – A few years ago with lover boy. Having grown up in a south London estate I am surprised to say this one terrified me. We were just strolling around and then we suddenly felt like we weren’t in public land anymore. Loads of kids locked in on us, the flats became blocked and the alleys were octopi. I was really scared and that adrenalin helped us glide out of there somehow.


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