Fear of buying



It’s been 12 months since I last bought any clothing/shoes and it’s been easy. This comes from a shopper. Admittedly, it’s a sport I like to do alone and is of the thrifty variety but something popped for me this time last year. I don’t have space for more clothes or money to buy them but wait, I have many many clothes already which are all great and need my love.

So started the no buying and I really thought I’d melt. Other people thought I’d melt. But it has been the easiest thing to do. Because I don’t go into shops anymore. I wonder how I managed life before, spending all that time browsing. But that was the key, just don’t get in and you won’t get any ideas.

And then there’s the re-juvination of your wardrobe.  Rotate regularly and then you will SEE all those hidden things and love them. Keep moving those jumpers. Your new collection is right before you. Of course you get bored and thank god for seasons so that shorts come into play not too long after you’ve spat on your tights.

Why all this? Some vague reasons mentioned earlier but the impact has been a welcome surprise. I don’t want much and what I do want has to be great. My great generally means a quality second hand buy or a well made and sourced buy, usually pricey. But that’s ok, that’s what these things cost. Another surprise came last week when it was time to buy the first thing*. Yes, there was the faff of going in and out of shops and interacting and deciding but the main thing was that I kept talking myself out of buying something as I still didn’t need anything really. I got the fear quite majorly. Buying something non practical was freaking me out. And, the idea of going home with a shopping bag was disconnected.

I did buy something in the end and I think I reached a good balance. I bought a water proof, comfy pair of black trainers that I feel will last a while. And I bought them online so that I didn’t have to do the shop thing. And they’ve been sent to my London address which means I won’t meet my purchase for another 4 weeks. I’ll face it all then.


*I have bought undies in this 12 month period but I was instructed that this comes under ‘utility’ so allowed. I make the rules.

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