A SMART PORTRAIT OF LONDON – tap-in, tap-out, wake up

tekja_london_transport_network_origin_destination_lowres copy

Image credit: ‘London commuter flows by Tekja data visualisation | www.tekja.com

The digitization of our cities is invisible. But we are all part of a vast experiment, happening right now.
What did you sign up for? Do you even know? Who knows where you are and when? What you spent and where? Your preferences, your movements, your sub-culture, Uber journeys, tap-in, tap-out but wake up you are completely surrounded by digital ‘smart-city’ technology. We have created a new urban world, find out how you can play a part in it.

Have been co-programming an event for Open City Documentary Festival this year – the point is to bring to light the new ways in which the infrastructure of our city is developing, how we as citizens can take part and make sure this information reaches the broadest possible audience. On Wed 17th June at Hackney Attic – full listing details with speakers and to book tickets here: http://opencitylondon.com/workshops/smart-portrait-london

Press Release – A Smart Portrait of London 17 June2015

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