Ralph Potter #3 – Wanstead Park

Image: Wanstead Park

Ralph is interested in the archeology of Wanstead Park. And highlighted the lakes. The ornamental waters, the perch pond, the heronry pond, the shoulder of mutton pond. He fished alot in the park and he told me about it.

You’d stay the night and in the summer you’d only have a few hours darkness anyway
Mist on the water, that kind of thing, a very magical look about it
It was my favourite place to fish for crucian carp
I knew nothing about the history of Wanstead Park at that time…if I’d known about the ghosts…
I could sit all day with a fishing rod and not even have a bait on it, it’s just good chatting, the company
If you sit quietly long enough (the kingfishers) will come and suss you out
It’s a fraternity if you like, of anglers

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