Terence McDowell #4 – Wanstead Park


A postcard view from the north bank of the Heronry Pond, showing an embankment almost crossing the lake near East Island. (postcard courtesy of P. Saunders) http://www.wansteadwildlife.org.uk/

I found Terry at the Golf Club. And we met back there for a full interview.

He’s been local for years and mainly has memories of Wanstead Flats – which feels like a separate project altogether as the walk would end up a day long if it was to include this. Even though it’s essentially the same connected expanse of green, a big road going through it -he saw it all as the same thing and that’s what’s been standing out for me…how we refer to places, how we create our own boundaries, our own names and how it doesn’t matter labelling things. Terry has one of the warmest voices and I’ve had great pleasure re-listening his words. Oh the row boats.

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