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If you’re new to it and want tips or just need some refreshing – I’m giving a talk at the BFI about freelancing on 21st Feb. Details here:

The only thing I really know is that it’s personal.
So what I will talk about is my own journey and what’s helped me. And that will in turn undoubtedly jerk something in you. Not because I hold the answers, I guess just because us humans work like that. And I’d rather here what others are thinking about it now rather than a middle aged so and so. But the best part about freelancing is that there is no set pathway to follow or way you must be. A couple of recent reads that have jerked me.

THE DEATH OF THE ARTIST – AND THE BIRTH OF THE CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR “we’re told, will have five or six jobs, in five or six fields, during the course of their working life, so will the career of the multiplatform, entrepreneurial artist be more vagrant and less cumulative than under the previous models. No climactic masterwork of deep maturity, no King Lear or Faust, but rather many shifting interests and directions as the winds of market forces blow you here or there” Full article

‘….flexible notion of ‘startupology’, which contrasts with the traditional tunnel vision of sticking to one long-term business plan and instead favours shifting, via incremental pivots, from one to another according to new technologies and the ever-changing market. The defining factor of success is the ability to remain agile, utilise your core resources, and, above all, process learning before you move forward…” 
Full article

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