Peter Brown #1 Wanstead Park

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P1090730P1090723P1090724P1090726P1090737P1090739Images: St Mary’s, Wanstead

Working on a new commission for Redbridge Council – a sound walk around Wanstead Park. This will be new for me; no actors no performed voices, all real voices. This means recorded conversations with locals about their memories of the park. A place I visited for the first time a few weeks ago. Intrigued to see what this end result will be given I don’t have any ‘history’ at all with the place. I do know that I am try out as combined walking and talking as possible and savouring all the people I speak to.

Peter Brown is the church warden for St Mary’s church in Wanstead. It sits on the edge of Wanstead Park. It’s the only Grade 1 listed building in Redbridge, recently been re-vamped and is breathtaking. We talked – snippets below. Go along, it’s open weekends.

The third church on the site (Wanstead Estate)
Part of the Georgian landscape of the area. Manufactured landscape
Each family would have had their own high box pew
We used to have separate choir masters in those days (1950’s)
My mother thought it would be beneficial for my bronchial chest
I may be church warden but I’m still in the choir
Things happened here in 1890
The main stained glass behind the altar was replaced and the other thrown away as far as I know
I’d love to see it used more
You can have small orchestras here

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