Snippet of HERE – Richard McGuire

It’s rare these days that something can feel so fresh, abstract and make your mind work in a new way…without a hint of technology. HERE is a book by Richard McGuire – with paper pages and illustrations. It’s a graphic novel which pushes out your traditional ideas of the strip and the speech bubble. I really know nothing of the comic world, only recently did Mariane Strapani’s PERSEPOLIS lead me onto Joe Sacco’s world and then this.

A few pages of this book were first published almost 30 years ago and somehow, Shocking and pleasing that it is still wowing people today and hasn’t been placed on the passe shelf. I’ll try to explain it but I know it won’t give anything away – it’s a book that’s a pretty personal experience. It’s non-linear, it jumps between scenes, time, moods – it’s grounded in one specific place. I found myself wanting to go back pages to remember where one story had been left, but I didn’t know where to go back to. I started to feel deeply attached to this room/space, somewhere that looks hugely familiar to many westerners, somewhere we’ve already been a billion times before.

I’m spinning out. Well, on a high. Because it was also funny and beautiful to look at. I know there’s a lot of progressive art out there currently not on my radar, so this may not feel groundbreaking to many. But for me, ground was broken and it held me all the way through. I wasn’t distracted by sleep, my phone and I just want to talk about it all the effing time. And keep holding it.

Our art has moved on in so many ways, masterpieces are still being created but within new forms. Different kinds of people are experiencing art, leading to these different forms.  And these forms tend to be inspired and created by all these people.

Trailer for Richard McGuire’s stunning and seamless – PEUR(S) DU NOIR

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