Peaking Imagination

I was lucky enough to feel the full on vibez of outstanding art work this year. I thought I’d jot a few of them down.

Constructing Worlds
Photography exhibitions always seem to sit so well at the Barbican, and maybe an architectural focus makes it all the more fitting. It’s a contemporary look at how we’ve been building our world with insights into ways of living you never get to dwell on for too long. Walker Evans and his observations of the Great Depression are portraits that show deep faces. Andreas Gursky gives us mesmerising top down views of large landscapes and structures. I was most drawn o glamour the day I visited; Berenice Abbott‘s New York is pure magical fun and Julius Shulman has cemented the plan to run away and live a modernist Californian lifestyle. This is the only one on the list that is still on, until 11 Jan 2015. Have a peak.

Lundahl  &  Seitl – Symphony of a Missing Room
Soft, beautiful, exciting, just right. The darkness plus audio combination works and so is becoming more common but this combined with a human guide (or more than one), adds the personal layer and allows a sense of trust to develop.  It helps it was also set in the stunning Royal Academy of Arts as new shows were being installed. A real feeling of being behind the scenes and temptation to slip one of the small priceless artworks on the pocket.

Marina Abramovic – 512 Hours
The Artist is Present is a fine documentary about Abramovic and reinforced her image of an almost supernatural being. The best people are always the one that fascinate you and also make you pretty annoyed at the same time eh. I was shocked to arrive on a week day at 10 am to find the Serpentine Galleries already full of silence and people walking arm in arm and string blankly at walls. For me, it was ten mins or so to adjust to the setting and then a deep sense of playfulness swept over. I felt like having a go at it all (grains was last on the list though) and snoozing with a smile was the highlight. There was a sense of her arrival later, a guard or two trying to blend in.  I was happy to learn the rooms and activities changed. I had no need to explain it as an artwork but it was a great example of setting allowing us all to set a tone and be together.

Peaky Blinders
This was the only reason to watch TV in 2014 right? Gripping acting, story. music and the docks and the industry. I got high on that.

Lining them up for the new year…

Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown – A film to watch every day.

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