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Don’t re-read books, re-watchs films, say hi to ex’s. I’m changing my militant views on ‘going back’ though. Only in the work context have I started to find this kind of re-visiting helpful. I often strive forwards with my opinion about the success of a project or the state of a future collaboration, clearly defined as an outcome of a past experience. It’s boxed up. Moved on and maintained that memory.

Going back to these often tricky scenarios have opened a few unexpected surprises. More often than not, you don’t feel the same way anymore and it was never quite how you imagined anyway. Last year, I was commissioned by the Museum of London Docklands to work on a sound piece for their Many East Ends Gallery. I worked with an incredible writer facilitator, sound engineer, actors, museum staff and above, local women who shared their creativity and memories.

I went back last week and had a listen to what we’d created. It sounded good, I felt proud, I decided to do a post about it. This, compared to my frustration and disappointment after it’s installation. Nothing had really changed other than a slight increase in volume. But this time, I saw it as a whole – it’s true that it wasn’t installed how I imagined it but it seemed to fit so well now with all the other artists’ great work.  It made sense and I’d had time to reflect on what had had happened; the journey process, not the destination product. Cliched about turn or just inevitable?



One thought on “Re-visiting

  1. Re reading books and films is never as much fun I agree, ex’s absolutely no way… Projects I think are different, you have to be in the right headspace but I always enjoy looking back at older photos although currently it’s doing my head in as I edit for my new site. Your project with Adam is in my diary, I’m looking forward to seeing your collaboration x

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