Web archiving – Your third and final reminder

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.46.15

Choosing not to renew this which I understand only really matters to me. But concerns about should I shouldn’t I have been hovering since 2009. When this festival, project was last in existence.  It’s for the Canary Wharf Film Festival which I set up and ran for 3 years but that was a while ago now. A case of founders syndrome it seems, embarrassingly not being able to let go?

Anyway, it feels good to shake it off but this was another reminder of the impermanence of things. A project flyer might prove it existed but that can easily be lost. A shared memory of a film watched could be forgotten. A website though, that’s a permanent record. Hmm. Digital Archeology popped to mind again – a project, exhibition, that has charted the digital (r)evolution showcasing classic sites on the hardware and software of their day. This is a great video about the first web browser:

So preservation is always making new shapes – we’re web archiving.  British Library have a whole department on the subject: http://www.bl.uk/aboutus/stratpolprog/digi/webarch/. More collecting. More space required. Watch out for a reminder.


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