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I’ve not posted here for a while. Though lots has been happening and I’ve had much to say, it’s taken until now. And I feel a constant drip feed of sharing is ahead. It makes complete sense that this ‘coming back’ post should be about regeneration.  That thinking about the possibilities always hits in September. That the scope of the future is crystallising at this point in my life.

And urban regeneration is always at my heart. I’m lucky enough to be in it every day, living where I do. I’ve been reading the British Council’s publication ‘Possible Futures’ which outlines the summer residencies of a range of architects based at Balfron Tower, just around the corner. I’m excited to read about international perspectives on my neighbourhood. Joyful to see visual scenarios of my stomping ground. Turning things inside out and highlighting the historical with what’s ahead.

Come and walk around; Chrisp Street Market, Limehouse Cut, Three Mills Island




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