Photographing & Mothering

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Am loving the way our relationship with things/people/concepts evolve. I used to hate a picture of me being taken, well, still do but then I do love to take a photo now.  Over the years, I have poured over the awkward family pics which mum coerced us into at very inconvenient times – the cinematic beauties of my best friend photographer – the selfies and instas of today – and the old lost snapshots in charity shops. But at the moment I feel like I’m really looking. At others’ photos and at my own. Yes, I went on a photography course. It was brilliant because I learnt and I didn’t have to write anything down once and I was having fun and then only later realised that knowledge been creeping into me.

Course was greater still, because it allowed me to be with lovely people on a Friday morning for 10 weeks without my son. Who is amazing but we be come more amazing when we have time doing our own thing. And so I started to remember about me again. What I like to look at, where I like to be. And it turns out I quite like being at Billingsgate Fish Market at 4am.

I met with Mar Cuervo again (see earlier post) when she came to London and this time we joined forces with another photographer Claudia Leisinger – who has been photographing the fish porters for a while now. As the dark started to lift and the sky beamed it’s blue we discussed working life and motherhood…Creating new work to coincide with your new little person’s schedule/To involve them in what you do or not and to what extent/Being inspired by what these little people see. And there I am being inspired about what these photographers see and so lucky that each of them has let me come into their worlds a little bit. It was a happy conversation, spiritful and smiley. Much like Mar and Claudia. Another great meeting that’s come from the ACE award.

I salute many people, today is for the photographers and the mothers.

Wish I hadn’t missed this

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