Knitting with Numbers

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 19.50.37

Last week, the first Alpha-ville EXCHANGE took place. It was great to have produced the event but greater in fact to step into the worlds of the artists that spoke throughout the day. Sougwen Cheung gently threw you into her beautiful installations so that you were dazed and walking into things at the loo break. Hellicar & Lewis talked about hiding the tech to allow for a real sense of interactive play by any member of the public – pair of jokesters those two. And Stefanie Posavec showed us her analogue approach to illustrating data. Oh. this. Oh. my. Her MA project Writing Without Words took Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and visualised the paragraphs, sentences, words  (colour coded, tasty) and produced these organisms… I rarely completely feel like I  ‘get’ something like this – nor do I always want to, but this really chimed. As did her explanation of her work as ‘Knitting with Numbers’. Ah, felt content at that point to go off and finalise event registration lock up the production office.
photos from talks

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