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Last month I was lucky enough to spend time with the super talented
One of those experiences where your eyes grow wide and  the breathlessness starts (see earlier post on this). Yes, the sharing of artful vibez.  The Z is intentional.  This moment also deserves an emoticon but I’ll let it go for now.

We were connected through a person in common as well as my award from the Arts Council and British Council’s International Artist Development Fund. It is super precious to be allowed the time to share in someone else’s practice. To sink a little into their mind, to wear their goggles and to then jigsaw puzzle it against yourself a little. And so as is customary, Mar will come to England to reverse the experience and have a different slice of this.

Creative isolation is not for me. I am FOR artists giving what they have to other artists and being prepared to take what comes to them too. I remember Mar saying that my son was a ‘regalo’ when I mentioned how much he slept (at the moment) and I agreed, he is a ‘gift’.  And so all of this has been too.

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