Day 1: Paint my hand and toe nails the same colour #thingsihaveneverdonebefore

I have quite a bit of time on my hands right now. This is a surprise, being a new parent. I’m sure the next crazy phase is just about to bite me on the bum but right this second, I’ve hit a flow type baby routine. So in order to keep my daily life spicey, I decided to consciously do something I have never done before, every day – non baby related of course, that would be cheating. There have been 16 things so far and I have paired them with an image and shared them on Instagram.

The exciting part of this is realising how many things are new. And surprisingly, there are often more than one a day. OK so you may have never dressed as John Lennon but equally, you may never have tread that piece of carpet or held your breath for 2.5 seconds and released for 6 and then repeated that 4 times. The ‘smaller’ things started to feel more intimate  – I could connect with a simple moment and it would stop me for some time and force me to think about it. Which brings be to mindfulness, at last, I know what it means. Multi tasking is for morons. Losing yourself in the one thing, in the now, yes that’s it.

Admittedly, #thingsihaveneverdonebefore got annoying as I was posting on a daily basis and then would forget and then I’d feel bad and then I stopped. So now I’m back and so next up is not Day 17, it’s No.17. I wonder what it will be. 

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