Town halls everywhere

Teaser – Memento: Limehouse Town Hall from ScreenDeep on Vimeo.

Hackney Town Hall is the one in east London I know that is still in working order…on a great mediterranen themed piazza, the odd wedding spilling out onto its steps. But generally, the many town halls that existed are no longer needed – I guess local councils are run differently now and so the whole borough takes charge from one space only.

This means we’re seeing town halls that once were, restored and used in different ways. Shoreditch was derelict for years, used for Whirly Gig parties in the 90’s (I recall the parachute curtain coming down at the end as transcendental) and now houses unusual site specific performances and other shenanigans. Bethnal Green is actually a restaurant and chic as you like hotel. Stoke Newington was the most recent to re-open as an events space.

And then there’s Limehouse Town Hall, known for its raves mainly. It has not received the same love and £ as it’s friends but perhaps more charming as it retains its history and present day stories in a shabby architectural coat. The town hall is not usually open to the public so if you want your chance to have a snoop and find out a little about it – come on Sun April 28th to an audio walk that’s free.

There’s more here about the walk, times and how to get there

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