London’s Highline


I was reminded this week of the great highline project in NYC – reading about it in the greater @swallowitwhole don’t you know…

How forgotten spaces can become active and in this case especially, a place to view your city from way up high. And so with synchronicity working hard, the following day this popped into my mind, I was introduced to some plans for London’s equivalent. On my doorstep too.

The Limehouse Curve is a proposed stretch of disused railway track in London’s east end, straddling the old world of Whitechapel and the new of Canary Wharf. The neighbourhood itself is full of derelict, historical landmarks included in many walks and is served by canals and a rich heritage. The highline could become an events space, a community garden, simply a place of green calm in the urban sprawl.

Progress has been made in the shape of Architects What If – the project being shortlisted for the RIBA Forgotten Spaces 2011 award and it made the BBC too. The land needs to be bought though, the money needs to be raised…to support the project GO HERE.

Can’t believe London doesn’t already have a highline. It really does need one.

One thought on “London’s Highline

  1. The Highline in New York is amazing. I highly recommend going to see it if anyone is planning on visiting New York. It’s around the meatpacking district which is really cool too!

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