Early life Vision


Newborn Visual/Audio Brain-Centers Stimulator for Baby Phaedra from Kaliptus on Vimeo.

So I had heard that babies are a bit blind at birth but I had no idea their sight does not fully develop until the age of one. No wonder they cry, wouldn’t you (haven’t you) – being ejected into this world and no idea what it looks like? There’s more here about developmental milestones, the fact that up until maybe a month old, newborns can only focus about 25 cm away – the distance from their face and their parents when feeding, makes sense. I’m trying to see if I can get my little one onto one of these tests to get to know more about life through his eyes. Forget pastels and intricate designs – the bold colours and geometric shapes in the video above  are most stimulating for newborns. Constructivist art lovers from the start…

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