Brixton Soul


When I was about 14 I bought a Soul II Soul tshirt on Brixton Market. I wore it big and baggy with leggings and fila trainers – I saved my £2.99 and bought it proudly on the way home from school one day. The shop was at the entrance to Granville Arcade, still there, a coffee place now.

My childhood memories of Brixton somehow still fit into what it is today – a regenerated area centered around a food market people travel far and wide to get to. It’s hard for revamped areas to achieve this and I guess for Brixton, it’s down to the people that live there – strong community which welcomes the new and doesn’t forget the old. Change is good.

Change is also the theme of the new event happening in July at the – designed by Zaha Hadid. It’s organised by a super woman and dear friend; Stephanie Busari.

More about her:
Follow news about the event @TEDxBrixton

I think I’m gonna re-print some of those tshirts, make a killing.


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