Since Dec 20th 2012 I have been on a mission to ‘unsubscribe’ from many emails I signed up to when I neededto sign that petition/research that project/give that dog a home.

Previously, I deleted them without opening and this would be part and parcel of the morning routine. ‘Nope, no time to read that, I’ll cross you off the list thank you, maybe next time.’ Now I don’t receive them at all and suddenly it’s all… ‘Oh, erm guys, did you want to get in touch, say something?’

Along with the strange shift in how this process has made me feel; loved/unloved, out of control/calling the shots – I’m amazed at how simple it was to do – to unsubscribe. I wonder if you only do these virtual word actions in the real world – Like/Follow/Unsubscribe/Share –  when your real world tells you to. I’m unsubscribing for a little while. And subscribing to having a son very soon.

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