Brixton Market. To infinity and beyond.

I came across this Camilla photo recently, maybe a few years old. It made me have a think.

Btixton Village – The current term for the FOOD maze and euphoria that presents itself to you. Slip down any entrance, exit, cheeky side passage and you’ll find yourself with munch option that you can’t say no to.

Brixton Market – Older term – still exists. And to me, used to mean the whole thing, inside and outside. Get the fruit and veg with mum, weighing it all proper. None of that mad £1 bowl business.

There’s some kind of intersection now where you can step into both worlds. Recently  had FISH an CHIPS at Etta’s which was show stopping but concerned to venture further, out. Had tried Franco Manca’s once, very nice. But what else – can I really go here and think about more than 10 scourers for a pound and those nighties? You know the ones.


It’s so bloody exciting when you knew it and when you’re it now, doing it, trying out what it will be.
Long live age.

More about Brixton Village transformation

And the other post I made

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