We have the same name

As a kid, it was tough to find my name on keyrings, combs, that kind of thing. My mum must have felt bad about me missing out on all this named merchandise, so now that ‘Olivia’ makes the top 5 baby names, I get  things like personalised egg cups as gifts.  I have met 2 other Olivia’s in my life – unsettling, exciting encounters. Definitely felt the 2 way frisson. And a friend of mine had a daughter she named Olivia. Little Olivia. So I am now Big Olivia.

And then there’s the surname – very rare in Spain – my roots. Seen Bellis or Bellos and  had a few ‘Belle Arse’ comments at school. Maybe more of the ‘Bellend’ ones. But overall, rare.

We’ve covered first names, we’ve covered surnames, how about first names + surnames oddness? Never had any problems registering my actual full name for email addresses or usernames.This is because it’s never taken, because I am the only Olivia Bellas. Of course. Remember – rare.

And then, on twitter one day, I @oliviabellas get a message from @bellasolivia.

And I surprise myself by liking this. Going from rare to maybe ‘medium’ cooked. I find out she’s in Australia, she has Greek roots, she’s a teenager (I think). And two overwhelming feelings come over me.

1. I must somehow protect her and show her the way
2. I feel bad for having made her chose a different username


One thought on “We have the same name

  1. A delightfully narcissistic blog post. I recetly followed 100 people called Adam Wells on twitter out of intrest. My favorate was one who’s an animator , from yorkshire who works in london… Like me. Delightful.

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