MyStreet – Your Story Told Through Film

East Street by Enrique Rovira for MyStreet Films from MyStreet Films on Vimeo.

Between age of 6 and 12, I used to pretty much go every Sunday to East Street with my family. I’ll have to go again soon. One of the ones I liked from MyStreet last year…

I am curious. The polite way of saying ‘I stare with no shame.’ (See earlier post)

I wish I could get into people’s living rooms, garages, pubs, streets.  Check in to see what the sheep lovers are saying on the moors and what the car mechanic in Plymouth thinks about his local chipie.

Thank you film, thank you the internet, you are making this possible.
Now add the third beautiful thing to all this. Maps. Sigh. Perfection.

MyStreet is a moving image archive, a slice of life, films about us, linked to postcodes. We have just launched the updated website and are at the start of the competition campaign for this year. Enter. Until May 8th.

There is more I will write later but for now, I just needed to alert people that this exists:

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