Sex Performance Panel Talk. Only in Berlin.

This year, presented itself with a new artistic director: Kristoffer Gansig. What a job. Prove yourself as the new kid, make it extra special as it’s the festival’s 25th anniversary and wow people with an on the edge programme. Well achieved.

The video programme stood out, as it should considering this annual event started it’s life in 1988 as VideoFilmFest, a side-project of the Berlin Berlinale’s ‘International Forum of New Cinema’. The Experience of Fliehkraft was the most striking. A subtle and perfect computer generated amusement ride experience. Till Novak is a big talent.

I imagine you’ve watched the video above before arriving at these words. I don’t blame you. The last discussion I attended was a mix of fuck robots, sex worker and queer technologies talk. Whilst this was panning out, we watched Liad Hussein Kantorowicz as she worked. She was on one side of the stage, set up her webcam and received her clients whilst we gawped. The initial 20 minutes was distracting on all levels. This settled and what was shown was the reality of the client’s ‘view’ of a beautiful woman’s body – performing on screen. What we saw was the live version, whilst she ate pizza out of shot and applauded the speakers that were continuing their discussion.

Soon after, I caught my flight back to what felt like a very straight England. I want more engaging talks – where it’s not just words but it’s bringing to life the theme. Talks that leave you speechless.

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