Hand Jobs

I get repetitive strain injury from typing like a nutter for my work. I’m embarrassed about it and try and give my hands a rest now again.

But, I do not get the evil twinges from knitting. Or selling cheese down the market.

So these wintery months, I am once again stepping aside from Mrs MacBook and getting physical – taking on good old fashioned hand jobs. Setting up the market stalls, preparing samplers in the fresh air all day, talking to excited cheese lovers. And then I’ll pop home and get the 15 inch needles out, the chunky yarn and go for it like the clappers.

Yes, it does sound idealistic and yes I will be bored of this scenario come January.

2 thoughts on “Hand Jobs

  1. Wow. There’s one phrase in there that really… I mean… come on. That’s a double-entendre on purpose, right? Where’s Kenneth Williams when you need him?

  2. Do you touchtype? I do, and I’ve never had RSI (though I suspect mousing is more to blame for that??). Highly recommend investing a few days in learning to touchtype. It’s the best thing I ever did.

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