November was about…

Art therapy. A round up of the great things I saw and are probably still on for a little while longer too:

Taryn Simons: A Living Man Declared Dead – at the Tate M beautifully catalogues the people she meets on her photographic travels. A video interview with her on the addictive Tate Shots.
“Twenty-four European rabbits were introduced to Australia in 1859 for hunting purposes on an estate in Victoria. Within one hundred years the rabbit population exploded to half a billion. European rabbits have no natural predators in Australia. They compete with native wildlife, degrade land, and damage native plants and vegetation.”“Haigh’s chocolate Easter Bilby replaced Haigh’s Easter Bunny in 1993. Haigh’s stopped making chocolate bunnies and joined forces with the Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia in an effort to counter the annual celebration of rabbits.”

Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall failed to impress which is surprising for a huge hovering strip of film. It’s all about laying around on the floor with everyone else though isn’t it? Eavesdropping on conversations and catching a few Z’s.

Thank you Gerhard Richter (Panorama), for making me realise what photo painting is. And the blur.

John Smith makes me laugh, makes me look and his current exhibition at PEER is a lovely soft entanglement of people and objects and a cheeky modern twist to the Girl Chewing Gum.

White Cube Bermondsey. My oh my. That is a spaceship of a gallery. Weirdly apple mac store it still has that exciting big space feeling. All staff were young, dressed in black, reading or whispering to eachother – I thought I was in an underground piece of theatre about to kick off.

Missed the Marilyn film at the Hackney Picture House because I was sucked into it’s 3rd floor bar. Move out of the way – Hackney Central has arrived.

Ikon Gallery – Hello Birmingham! Nedko Solakov‘s wall writings are big and small and totally engrossing.

Nothing in the World but Youth – Turner Contemporary, Margate. Very fun and bursting with all things youth –  a it too much, felt jam packeds and no space in between to wander BUT very impressed with Ron Mueck’s hyperreality sculptures.

GAME ON – Sao Paulo. I do believe this exhibition started it’s life at the Barbican. Video games to play at your hearts content. Heavy nostalgia.

And will finally make it to You me Bum Bum Train – as cast not audience. Gorilla costume packed and ready to go.

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