Video Game Memories of a non Video Game Person

The GAME ON exhibition in Sao Paulo last week (previously at the Barbican) was a blast from the past. A 3 hour time limit to play as many of the games as you could, tracing games history on the consoles of the time and including the classics; pong, donky kong, pac man, lemmings, streetfighter, sonic. You know the score.

I reminisced over the things I had forgotten –  wild joystick waving, tape loading, pressing all buttons at the same time to produce a crazy flying back flip kick that sent your opponent up in flames. A move that you could somehow never repeat.

I didn’t chose to grow up playing video games, my older brother had a heavy influence. And all my male cousins. But I did dip in and dipped out when I had the chance.  So I’m not a ‘Girl Gamer‘ but I wonder if I did play video games these days, what would I go for? I’d like to think I’d be learning from a serious game or challenged by an interactive one – Heavy Rain?

But I realise I just belong with the world of Commodore 16‘s and Atari’s. Forever.
Grand Palais Gaming Exhibition is on NOW in Paris

Online Art of Gaming Short Films – brilliant.

LISTEN to VIDEO GAMES by Lana Del Rey – Joy Orbison remix

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