Car Boot Sale Love

This weekend reminded me about my love of quality junk.

Saturday I went to Salter Rd, Fisher FC Car Boot in Rotherhithe. On Sunday, I went again. It was so hot and the ground so dusty I felt like I was cruising people’s belongings – desert style.

This one is on the site of an old football ground. Sad that it’s rotting away but makes me REALLY want to do a cheeky production there. I’ve got the car boot organisers mobile number. Might need to have a chat….

Car boots, flea markets, jumble sales are my shopping heaven – the excitement is almost unbearable when I think about the discoveries to be had. I also spent most weekends as a student selling at them too which has it’s own levels of madness.

And of course, the best bit, the weird obligatory regaling of items acquired, prices attached and anecdotal info from the sellers.

Saturday – Free admission
£1.50 for the lot but gave him £2.50

Small cheese/chopping board (knife missing)
4 small aluminium cups (good for picnics)
Terracotta milk bottle cooler (before fridges came along)
2 red wooden letter holders (made by seller)
Blue & white porcelain dish (now contains my nail varnishes)
Grill tray (since realised it dos not fit in the oven…)
Huge earthenware jar (now holding toiletries)
Medium salt jar (more toiletries)

Sunday (50p entrance)
Bike bell – Haggled from £1 to 50p (for boyfriend)
Red blouse – £1 (for me, fits lovely)
Cafetiere for 8 cups – She would not budge on £2. (used this morning, drips a bit but not the end of the world)
4 vintage type spoons – £2 for all (gift for a friend, really damn beautiful)
4 battered baking tins – £1 for all (toiletries again)

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