Touch It 3 – The Details

It’s all free so you have to come.

It’s all very lo-fi too but then who isn’t partial to that now and again? There will be a short screening, an opportunity to pick up a VHS camcorder and also have a bit of fun and make stuff out of those lovely VHS tapes. Our archive has some serious classics like Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Stand By Me.

From 1430: How to make old VHS tapes into notepads and photo frames

From 1530: Shoot Your Own Scene: Your own recreation of an 80’s classic clip

From 1700: Screening of VHS related material. Nostalgia central

The getting part there is fun. 41—42 Brixton Village Indoor Market, London, SW8 9PS

It’s held at one of the shops within Brixton Village’s covered market, a few mins walk from the tube.  There are about 78 entrances into this amazing maze (clever use of words) so best if you follow this:

Left out of brixton tube towards Ritzy Cinema.  Take a left down Coldharbour Lane. Go under the bridge when it crosses Atlantic Road. There will be an entrance on your left into Brixton Village. Take the one next to the Bakeries sign.  We’ll be down there on the right and the shop front is the one in this picture.

Phew. See you there.

One thought on “Touch It 3 – The Details

  1. I have the best film ever made on VHS.

    It’s called “The Decline of Western Civilisation 2 – The Metal Years” a rockumentary about LA hair rock of the eighties. Should be compulsary viewing for someone or another.

    Oh yeah, and “Kentucky Fried Movie”.

    Give em a peep.

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