Art in Empty Shops at Brixton Market

Madness how many closed down shops there are on the high st due to the economic crisis – the sad demise of Woolworths being most notable. And the more you look, the more you see them.  New art initiatives have sprung up all over the place to make use of these ‘redundant’ spaces:

And the same thing is happening to the labyrinth of Brixton Market. The clever people at Space Makers have set up camp there for a few months and taken over some of the shops to host temporary fashion shops, restaurants and art galleries.  ‘Touch It 3’ will be running in one of the shops on Sat 16th Jan – that same day there will also be activities of the food and drink variety taking place in and around the space.

If you haven’t been to Brixton Market before, you should definitely venture down for it’s mix of madness:

Especially now that it’s threatened with demolition to make way for some kind of new development. It’s being opposed by quite a few groups:

So for goodness sakes, get down there on Sat 16th Jan for ‘Touch it 3’ but also, to show your support to the beauty of Brixton Market!

2 thoughts on “Art in Empty Shops at Brixton Market

  1. Thanks for the props! It’s good to see the word spreading about what’s happening at the Granville Arcade.

    We’re hoping the Space Makers project will have a legacy beyond the current rent-free period – a lot of the fashion shops, food shops, new cafes and other businesses that we’ve brought in are aiming to become a long-term part of the market.

    There was a time earlier last year when the owners were planning to redevelop the site, but they withdrew those plans – and our aim is to show that there’s a future for the market based on a mixture of the creative, community-driven businesses we’ve brought in and all the great cafes, shops and stalls which were already there.

    Every Saturday, we’re organising events around the market to bring new people down and give new life to the place. Everything you can do to tell your friends and spread the word helps us make that vision for the market more likely.

    We’re really looking forward to Touch It 3 next week! And also to all the pop-up restaurants, free tastings and other surprises which will be going on around Brixton Village next Saturday:

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